Fundraising Hierarchies

A fundraising hierarchy is a visual representation of how you organize your fundraising designations. To manage hierarchies for your designations from Fundraising, click Fundraising hierarchies under Fundraising. The Fundraising Hierarchies page appears.

Note: Inactive designations in the hierarchy appear in italics. For more information about inactive designations, see Mark a Designation as Active or Inactive.

On the Fundraising Hierarchies page, you can view the fundraising designations and hierarchies your organization uses. You can create hierarchies up to three levels deep. Revenue totals at each level of the hierarchy roll up and are included in the hierarchy’s Total designation toward a goal. After you establish your designations, you can associate revenue transactions with them. For information about the types of designations included in a hierarchy, see Designation Types.

Tip: To determine the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts, you can use a variety of Fundraising reports and KPIs to track performance. For information about Fundraising reports, see Fundraising Reports. For information about Fundraising KPIs, see the Reports and KPIs Guide or the KPIs section of the help file.

You can select whether to view inactive hierarchies in the list. To exclude inactive hierarchies, select Only show active designations and click Apply. To remove the filter, click Reset.

To access a designation record from the list, click the designation to open the record. For information about the items on the designation record, see Designation Record.