Appeal Profile Report

The Appeal Profile report shows information about an appeal such as designations, benefits, associated mailings, and revenue information. To run the report from Marketing and Communications or an appeal record, click Appeal profile under Reports. When you run the report from Marketing and Communications, you must search for and select the appeal for which to generate the report. After you select the appeal, the Appeal Profile page appears.

Note: To access the Appeal Profile report from Analysis, click Appeal reports. On the Appeal reports page, click Appeal profile.

To run the report, select the type of information to include and click View Report in the parameter area.

If you select Revenue Summary, the report displays the total amount of revenue, the total number of gifts, and the average gift amount received in response to the appeal.

If you select Gift History, the payments associated with the appeal and applied toward donations, pledge installments, and recurring gift payments appear. For each payment, you can view the constituent, date, and amount associated the revenue. To view the applications of a payment, click the plus sign (+). For each application, you can view the designation and amount associated with the revenue.

Note: Under Revenue Summary, the Total revenue field displays the total amount of all revenue transactions associated with the appeal. Under Gift History, the Amount column displays only the amount of each transaction applied toward donations, pledge installments, or recurring gift payment. Therefore, the sum of the amounts under Gift History may not equal the total revenue amount.

You can print the report or export it in several different formats.