Benefits Catalog

Benefits are gifts you give to constituents in return for a donation to your organization, such as a free shirt or coffee mug to thank them for the donation. You associate benefits with appeals in Marketing and Communications or transactions in Revenue. You can assign benefits a monetary or percentage value. Some benefits may have a value equal to a percentage of the transaction amount. When you add a revenue transaction and associate it with an appeal, the program automatically calculates the value of its benefits and deducts the value from the receipt amount. When you add a transaction, you can waive benefits or modify the receipt amount if needed.

The Benefits Catalog page displays all the available benefits offered by your organization. To access the Benefits Catalog page from Fundraising, click Benefits catalog under Configuration.

On the Benefits Catalog page, you can view the category, description, and value of each benefit. The Send benefit column indicates whether constituents receive the benefit when you commit a pledge or after the pledge is fully paid. To help find a specific benefit, you can filter the grid by criteria such as name and category. To filter the grid, on the action bar, select the criteria of the benefits to view and click Apply. To remove the filter, click Reset.

From the grid, you can add and manage benefits as necessary.