Membership Renewal Notices

For constituents with memberships near xpiration, or past xpiration, set up membership renewal notices to contact members and encourage them to renew on a regular basis. You can configure and specify membership renewal notices to be sent out at preferred time intervals to constituents, such as one month before xpiration, again in the month of xpiration, and one month after xpiration. You can create a membership renewal notice for each membership program your organization offers.

Included in the membership renewal notice are packages that contain different letters or documents that encourage renewal. You can send mail packages or email packages. By default, three packages have been created and contain three export definitions for use in the packages you send to your constituents. For information about how to edit packages or export definitions, see the Marketing and Communications section of the help file.

You'll need to set up renewal notice processes for each membership program you enable for auto-renewals. The default packages — 1 month before auto-renewal (mail) and 1 month before auto-renewal (email) — are set to pull members whose renewal window begins next month. For more information about auto-renewal notices, see Set Up Renewal Notices for Auto-renewals.

You set up membership renewal notices from the membership program record.