View Membership Program Information

From Memberships, in the Membership Programs grid, click the name of a membership program.

On the Membership program tab, you can view the total active memberships and any membership alerts, such as the number of cards waiting to be printed and the results of the renewal notices process. Depending on your security rights, you can also access items such as membership and renewal letter tasks and reports. If you click the "number of" link in the Total active memberships widget, the Membership Status page appears. For information about this page, see View Current Membership Statuses.

On the Activity tab, widgets help you see information at a glance such as the number of renewals and rejoins, new memberships, lapsed memberships, and upgrades and downgrades. When you click on the "number of" link within a widget, the Widget Details page appears. When you click on the "view all levels" link within a widget, the Widget Level Summary page appears. You can change the widgets to display based on level or tier and set the date range from the Show information field. For information about the Activity Widget Details page, see View Activity Widget Details .

On the Revenue tab, you can view revenue trends by level, which displays a line graph over a period of time based on the different membership levels. You can also view revenue by level, which displays a bar graph of total revenue over the selected time period. For information about the Membership revenue report, see Membership Dues Revenue Report.