Add a Payment

You must add each payment that your organization receives to the database. Regardless of whether the payment you add is for a donation, a pledge, a recurring gift, or an event registration, you follow the same procedure.

Warning: To successfully save a payment transaction, the transaction must be mapped to a valid debit and credit GL account that you define. For more information about how to define GL accounts and map transactions, refer to Manage General Ledger Setup.

If you receive one payment transaction to pay for multiple applications, you can specify the amount to apply to each when you add the payment. For example, a constituent may send one check to both pay for an event registration fee and provide a donation to your organization. When you add the payment, you can select the outstanding event registration fee and apply the remainder as a donation. To apply a donation to multiple designations, you can apply the payment to multiple donations, one for each designation.

Note: To add a payment from the record of the constituent from which you receive the transaction, click Add payment under Tasks.

You can also add a payment toward a commitment such as pledge or matching gift claim from the record of the commitment.