Renew, Upgrade, Rejoin, or Activate Memberships in a Sales Order

During the sales process, a patron may want to renew or upgrade an existing membership, rejoin a previously canceled or lapsed membership, or activate a pending membership. When you select a patron for an advance sales or daily sales order, all memberships for the patron appear with buttons to applicable to the membership.

Tip: On the Advance Sales page, all memberships for the patron appear under Memberships. On the Daily Sales page, click the patron's name to view all memberships.

Renew appears for active memberships or memberships in the renewal window.
Rejoin appears for lapsed or canceled memberships.
Activate appears for pending memberships.

To add a renewal or rejoin to the sales order, click the applicable button next to the membership. To add a mid-term upgrade, you must access the constituent's Memberships tab or membership record. For more information about how to upgrade members, see Mid-term Membership Upgrade.

Tip: If a lapsed member wants enroll in auto-renewals when they rejoin, select the membership in the cart and click Edit. On the Edit membership screen, select Renew this membership automatically when it expires. (Credit card required).

Note: For information about how to renew, rejoin, or activate memberships as a gift for another patron, see Sell New Memberships.