Sell New Memberships

On the Advance Sales or Daily Sales page, you can add new memberships for patrons who have not previously been a member of the membership program. Patrons can purchase their own memberships or purchase gifts of membership for other patrons. Gift memberships can be for new memberships, membership renewals, or activations of pending memberships. The recipient of a gift membership must have a patron record. You can add patron records for gift recipients during the sales process as necessary. For information about how to sell a gift of membership, see Sell Gift Memberships.

Tip: You can renew, rejoin, activate, or upgrade an existing membership directly from the Advance Sales page or Daily Sales page. You can also enroll the member in automatic renewals. If a patron is already a member, you can view and manage the patron’s memberships from the constituent record, such as to renew or upgrade a membership. You can also view additional information about a specific membership on the membership record. For information about how to manage an existing membership for a sales order, see Renew, Upgrade, Rejoin, or Activate Memberships in a Sales Order.

To quickly add memberships to daily sales orders, you can create custom buttons to appear on the Daily Sales page for specific membership programs, levels, and terms. When you click a custom membership button, the applicable membership program, level, and term automatically appear on the Sell a membership screen so you can quickly complete the transaction. On the Members tab, the patron associated with the sales order also automatically appears. If you have not yet associated a patron with the sales order when you click the custom button, a search screen appears so you can search for and select the patron who pays for the order.