Daily Tasks and the Create Deposits Process

From both Sales and Treasury, you can create and review deposit processes. With the create deposits process, you can create deposits for all eligible payments made through Sales, Treasury (miscellaneous payments), and the back office. Examples of back office revenue include payments made as part of a batch or from a revenue record outside of Sales and Treasury.

From Sales, you can perform a number of daily tasks that are necessary to begin and end sales shifts. To start a sales shift, you count the initial cash in your drawer. At the end of your shift, you close your drawer. You can also manually open the cash drawer if needed. In addition to the open and close day tasks typically performed by a ticket seller, there are a number of tasks a guest services manager will complete as part of their day, such as approving the closed drawer of ticket sellers.

This section focuses on the tasks involved with creating and running deposit processes from either Sales or Treasury, as well as the sales shift tasks related only to Sales.