Total Revenue and Payments Report

The Total Revenue and Payments report shows revenue, such as admission and programs, memberships, pledges, and donations. To view this report, from Revenue, click Total revenue and payments under Reports.

Note: This report is dynamic and does not provide a static view of data over time. It represents the current state of data in the system and not a historical view.

You can choose to display transactions by specific users and sources such as Daily sales and Advance sales. For example, if you only want to see sales made by John Smith from Daily sales, you can select John Smith as the user and Daily sales as the source. However, if you filter the report by user, revenue and online transactions will not appear on the report since these types of transactions do not have users associated with them. To view revenue for a specific range of dates, select "Specific date" in the Date field and enter the range. You can also select to include taxes, security deposits, or future pledge revenue that has been committed but not received.

You can also choose to view two separate sub-reports. To view the Revenue by Payment Method sub-report, select the Show payment method distribution checkbox, and to view the Group Sales (Previously unearned) sub-report, select the Show revenue that moved from unearned to earned checkbox.

After you set your criteria, click View report to view the report.

The report is split into different revenue application types such as admission and programs, event registrations, and memberships. Also, these sections reflect order revenue where group sales reflects payment revenue.

Note: The Constituent, Reference, and Amount columns contain hyperlinks to the various records.

Group sales revenue also has additional revenue application types such as facilities, resources, and unearned revenue. The Unearned Revenue section of the report displays group sales overpayments, prepayments, and refunds and the Overage Kept section displays information about the date and amount for when the overpayment was kept and moved to the overage account you have mapped. This section will be most commonly used by organizations that have a no refund policy and commonly keep any balance or overpayment that is on account.

Note: Reservation deposits or payments made in advance for group sales are considered unearned or earned revenue. Payments are unearned revenue until the group is checked in. When a group is checked in, the revenue moves from unearned to earned and any exiting or newly added payments are distributed across group sales items in this order: facilities, staffing resources, supply or equipment resources, taxes, fees, tickets.