Create a group sales contract document

You must have Microsoft Word installed to create your own contract templates. This procedure guides you through the steps required to create a contact document using Word 2007.

1. From Word, create a new blank document and write the body of the contract letter. The body of the letter should provide context for the data fields you will add to the letter during this process. For examples of how to format the letter, you can review the preconfigured templates included in the system. For more information see, Preconfigured Contract Templates.
2. On the ribbon, select the Mailings tab.
3. In the Start Mail Merge group, click Select Recipients, Use Existing List. The Select Data Source screen appears.
4. Browse to contract header file (*.csv) you previously created, select it and click Open. The Header Record Delimiters screen appears. For information about how to generate a header file, see Generate a group sales contract header file.
5. Leave the default settings as they appear on the Header Record Delimiters screen and click OK. You return to the Word document.
6. In the Write & Insert Fields group, click Insert Merge Field. The Insert Merge Field screen appears and displays the group order data fields you can add to the contact template.

Note: Prior to inserting a field, you can place your cursor in the document in the location where the field should go within the body of the contract letter. You can also move the fields around as needed within the document once they are inserted.

7. Make sure Database Fields is selected. In the list, select a data field to add to the contract letter and click Insert. The field is added to the Word document. Repeat this step for each field you want to include in the contract template.

Note: The data fields you place in the contract letter template will be used to pull specific data from your database when a contract is created for a group order. For a list of the fields you can insert and their definitions, see Contract Template Data Fields.

8. To return to the document, click Close. When you are done inserting data fields and writing the body of the contract letter template, save and close the document. Now that you have a created the contract template, you are ready to add it to the Letter Template Library. To access the Letter Template Library, from Group Sales, under Configuration, click Letter template library.

Note: Make sure you save the document in a format that is compatible with the version of Word installed on each workstation. For maximum compatibility, we recommend you save each template as a “Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)” file. Also make sure you save the file in an accessible location.