Design User Registration

In addition to the web forms that you create in Web for online transactions, you can also create a registration form that allows website users to register with your organization. When you enable registration, website users can create login credentials for your web forms and provide their contact information. The program uses email addresses as user names, and users enter their own passwords.

Login credentials for website users are associated with constituent records in your database. When registered users access web forms and log in, data from their constituent records automatically appears on the web forms.

Note: A user may receive an error message during online registration if the program is unable to create a new user account, the user cannot be linked to a constituent, or if the user name is already taken because the user attempted to register with the same email address earlier. Because these are issues that need to be fixed by your organization, the default error message the user receives is, "We cannot process your registration. For more information, please contact us by phone or email." To update this message, go to Web and click User registration settings. On the Language Tab, select "Validation" for the Category. In the Text field, edit the error message. For example, you can include a specific phone number or email address to contact for assistance. Or, you can provide more detailed instructions. For example, if the error is the user is already registered or the user name is already taken, you can tell the user to click Sign in to access the password reset page.