When you want to send an email to contacts in, it is important to begin the process about a week in advance to ensure a smooth roll out. Time management is a key factor to make sure contact information is current, and that all groups are segmented with the correct contacts in each one.

To achieve this, complete the following steps:

Tip: To engage quickly with contacts, consider sending a Direct Message to a group of Twitter followers from instead of an email from Luminate Online. This offers another communication channel to those contacts currently discussing a subject you are monitoring. To do this, go to a saved search, and then select Feeds, Global Posts. Under Engage, select Review & Respond.

Step 1. Run a Download in Luminate Online

To group the recipients you want to send an email to, run a Constituent Data Download operation in Luminate Online. This exports constituent record data that you use to import contacts in For more information about this download operation, see Constituent Data Download in the Luminate Online help file.

Step 2. Import in

Import and match any latest contacts from Luminate Online or a .csv file that you want to receive the email. You can directly import and match up to 1000 contacts at a time from the Constituent Data Download operation in Luminate Online. If the download contains more than 1000 contacts, you can import an unlimited number of contacts by selecting to import a .csv file. For more information about importing in, see Import.

Step 3. Segmentation in

After the import and match process completes, segment the groups as necessary in to make sure each contact appears in the correct group, which you will use as the audience of your email. See Segment your Contact Lists into Useable Groups.

Step 4. Export in

To send the email from Luminate Online, you must export the group data from If your group contains less than 1001 contacts, you can export directly to Luminate Online. When your group contains 1002 contacts or more, export to a .csv file, and then import the data into Luminate Online. For more information about exporting, see Export a group to Luminate Online

Step 5. Email in Luminate Online

Once the group has been exported to Luminate Online, you can send them an email. For more information, see Email Campaigns in the Luminate Online help file..