To match your contacts in to their accounts on social media networks, you must import contacts into the product. When you complete the import, the matching process begins automatically. The import process takes you through a series of steps that offers tips and options to select group details from Luminate Online or a .csv file. The process uses the email addresses in your import to scan social networks and update with public information for contacts such as age, gender, social influence information, and network membership.

Note: It can take up to three days to complete the matching process depending on the size of your import. Contacts are updated as they are matched. For best results do not interact with these accounts until the import and matching is complete. To confirm an import is complete, make sure Imported appears for its status on the Import Contacts page. You should expect around a 50% match rate.

When you import multiple contacts with the same email address, the information is combined. For example, when you import two contacts for, one in the VIP group and another in the Engagement group, all match details for appears in both groups. If you import an email-based list, a single contact may have multiple entries if they use multiple email addresses.

Note: When importing contacts, you must wait for the current import to complete before starting another one. Check the Status column on the Imports screen to see the status of your import.

Tip: Your organization should establish importing best practice tips. At a minimum, we recommend you import contacts into on a quarterly basis. Other options to consider are importing after an email list campaign, or after receiving event registrations.

Any user in can import contacts. To import contacts, select the arrow beside your user name in the upper right corner of the app, and then select Imports. When the Import Contacts page appears, click New Import.