Account Settings

After your on-boarding experience is complete, you occasionally need to access your account settings to make adjustments for accounts and for connecting to Luminate Online and social networks. You can also edit these settings to change your own password.

Any user in can edit their own settings. To do this, select the arrow beside your user name and then select Account Settings.

Note: If you are the primary user, all of the available settings in appear on the page. If you are a child user, you cannot view the Advanced Settings and Additional Users sections. For more information about users in, see Accounts.

Under Manage Apps, you can connect to Luminate Online, Facebook, and Twitter to expand your social monitoring capabilities, and to provide additional integration functionality. Simply select the + icon to display their connection screen. These connections provide the following enhancements to your social monitoring.

Note: If you do not plan to communicate with your contacts on Facebook and Twitter from, we still recommend you connect to them to improve your relationships and social monitoring.