Segment your Contact Lists into Useable Groups

Once you've segmented your contacts, you can save them into groups. With groups, you can quickly find your contacts who support a specific interest, engage with them through Twitter or email, or download a CSV of their social media data.

Importing Groups from Luminate Online

During the Import process, you had the option to import your existing Luminate Online groups into Once these groups are added into, you can add new Contacts to them or edit them with filters. If you gave an import the wrong group name by accident, you can edit it on the Manage Groups page.

Warning: You cannot create new groups in and import them into Luminate Online using the API. Any groups you create in that you would like to import into Luminate Online will need to be exported as a csv first.

Create New Groups

  1. Click the Contacts tab > Groups.

  2. Under Your Groups, enter a new group name in the box called New group name.

  3. Click the +. The new group will be added to the group list. Because the group is new, it will show 0 for the number of contacts in it.

Modify Existing Groups

  1. Under the Group Name column, hover over the group name that you want to edit.

  2. Click the lightning bolt that appears to the right of the name.

  3. Select one of the dropdown options: Edit Name, Duplicate, Download CSV, View Report, Delete.

  4. To edit the parameters of the group, click the group name which will take you to the Contacts page, filtered to just the contacts in the selected group.

  5. The group will appear with Filter options on the left. Edit the filter options as needed.

Influencer Groups provides three InfluencerSomeone well-followed, with a moderate to high Klout score. groups that are already set up for you based on how influential your users are on social media. These groups are a good starting point if you want to segment your contacts and ensure that you're reaching out to your most influential contacts.

  1. Click Contacts Groups.

  2. Under Influencers, select VIPContacts with a Klout score of 70 and above, or at least 5,000 followers, EverydayContacts with a Klout score between 40 and 69, or at least 500 followers, or MediaContact with one of the following in their bio: blog, blogging, blogger, author, journalist, writer, write, media, news, reporter, columnist, biographer, essayist, ghostwriter, editor, correspondent, freelancer, documentarian OR Klout Topic: Journalism..

  3. Filter the group using the Filter options on the left.

Add a Single Contact to Existing Groups

You can add contacts to any of your existing groups in a number of ways.

  1. Click the Contacts tab > Contacts.

  2. Search for the contact you want to add to a group.

  3. Under the contact's profile, click Add to Group.

  4. Select the group(s) from the dropdown. The group(s) appear in the list of groups for the contact.

Add Several Contacts to an Existing Group

To save time, you can add several contacts to an existing group at once. First you'll need to select the contacts to add to the group by using filtering. Because you'll be affecting several contacts at once with this method, you'll be able to review the action before completing it.

  1. Filter your contacts until they are segmented the way you want them.

  2. On the right, click Segment Add to Group.

  3. Select the group to add your contacts to.

  4. On the Take Action window, click Review > Confirm.