Google G Suite Setup

Your organization may use Google G Suite and its APIs to securely connect its members to technology. To enable your organization's Blackbaud IDs to sign in to Blackbaud solutions through Google, create a Google web application in your Google API Console and configure its settings in Authentication.

  • Your organization's primary Google domain or domain alias

    Note: To view your domains in the Google API Console, select Credentials, Domain verification.

  • The client ID and secret generated when you create your application

Warning: While you set up your G Suite connection, members who select Sign in with Google for Blackbaud IDs on your claimed domains will encounter an error.

To help prevent inadvertent lockouts while you set up your connection:

  • Complete this configuration during a maintenance window for your organization's network.

  • Ensure you have another Blackbaud ID outside of your claimed domains with access to Authentication.

Note: For information about how to set up a custom Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 app in your G Suite admin console for single sign-on (SSO), see SAML 2.0 Setup for Google G Suite.

Tip: To clear your setup and start over, select Erase all single sign-on settings. For more information, see Single Sign-on Setup.

Note: Have issues with your Google application? To help troubleshoot, see SSO Connection Troubleshooting.