Test Mode

After you set up your identity provider (IdP) and claim your email domains, you can test the connection to verify your organization can now use its IdP to sign in to Blackbaud solutions. During test mode, you use a special URL — https://signin.blackbaud.com/signin/?loginTest=true — to test single sign-on with Blackbaud IDs at your organization. With this URL:

  • You access a test sign-in that sends Blackbaud IDs with a claimed email domain to your IdP.

  • People who successfully sign in to their Blackbaud solution through your IdP automatically use your organization's sign-in when they next sign in with the same browser.

Members at your organization not in test mode can continue to use their usual URL to sign in through Blackbaud's secure authentication service with their current Blackbaud ID credentials.

Note: Have issues during test mode? To help troubleshoot, see SSO Connection Troubleshooting.