Acknowledgments Tab


On the Acknowledgments tab, you create a customized acknowledgment email and confirmation screen for payers after payments are submitted in NetClassroom.

First, you edit the email message. To edit the message, under Edit the email message to send to acknowledge payments, a preview appears for the default email message. Select click to edit email. The box changes to an editable email message.

Enter the Subject, From address, and From name for the email. Then, you can edit the default text in the body of the email. Use the toolbar options to format the body of the email as necessary. For example, you can highlight text, change fonts, and create bullet lists.

On the toolbar, click Insert.  On the Insert tab, you can enter links, special characters, and merge fields for the email message. Merge fields customize the email message for each payer with Student Billing record information and information the payer entered on the bill payment form.

To include payment and student fields, click the Merge fields button. A screen appears.

Tip: For the Payment Fields, the payer information is based on the user who logged into NetClassroom.

Drag and drop or double-click a merge field to add it to the email message. You can also select and move the merge field after you add it to the email message as well as select and delete to remove.

Warning: We do not recommend you use two student merge fields together. For parents with more than one student, if you choose two student merge fields, the names will not appear correctly on the email message. The merged information inserts as a comma-separated list.

After you insert merge fields, you can toggle back and forth between the Formatting and Insert tabs to help design your message as necessary.

After you set up your acknowledgment email confirmation, you can edit the default message for the conformation screen that payers see in NetClassroom after they submit the online bill payment. Under Edit the confirmation screen to display after payments are made, select click to edit confirmation. For the confirmation screen, the toolbar options are the same as the payment confirmation email message except that you do not have the Subject and From fields.

When you complete the design of your confirmation screen and are satisfied with both of your acknowledgments, click Process preview to move to the Process Preview Tab.

Show Me: Bill Pay Form Setup - Acknowledgments Tab video