Content Tab

On the Content tab, you enter your heading, field, and language choices for the bill payment form.

The tab is composed of three sections. The top section enables you to edit how the content on the Payment Amount page appears. The middle section enables you to edit the message that appears when users in NetClassroom view the convenience fee help icon. Then, the bottom section enables you to edit the content that appears at the top of the Secure Payment page.

For the Payment Amount page, you should see the options you selected on the Layout tab. Did you select a convenience fee? Or, did you select to have any additional instructions at the top or bottom of the form? For each section, you decide how you want to word the instructions and fields on your form.

To edit fields, labels, and instructions, hover your mouse over the form. Notice how the mouse arrow changes to a hand? Every location your mouse changes to a hand, click the text. A screen appears for you to edit the language or enter new information. After you customize the wording, click Apply. You return to the Content tab and the text you just entered appears on the form instead of the default text.

When you are satisfied with the wording for the Payment Amount Page, review the language for the convenience fee help icon and the Secure Payment Page.

The Secure Payment page is where users enter their payment information such as their credit card number and email address. We put in default language for you to remind payers that if they change payment information, it does not automatically update their record in Student Billing. If necessary, adjust the information.

The choice is up to you, the Content tab is designed to help you customize the bill payment form towards your school's specific language and instruction needs.

At the top of the Bill Pay Form Setup screen, click Acknowledgments to move to the Acknowledgments Tab.

Show Me: Bill Pay Form Setup - Content Tab video