Get Started Tab

On the Get started tab, you select the Blackbaud Merchant account you want to use to securely process transactions. You can only use one merchant account configuration for the form. Then, under Enter NetClassroom Link, enter or paste your school's NetClassroom link. The link you enter here is used to show you a preview of your form on the Process preview tab and in NetClassroom for the Blackbaud Secure Payments page.

After you enter the link, click Save template. The program will verify that the link is correct. If the link cannot be verified an error message will appear. If the link verifies, a Remove template button appears. If you need to update your NetClassroom link, click Remove template, and enter your updated NetClassroom link.

At the top of the Bill Pay Form Setup screen, click Layout to move to the Layout Tab.

Show Me: Bill Pay Form Setup - Get Started Tab video