Process Preview Tab

On the Process preview tab, you review the selections and formatting you chose for the online student bill payment form.

You cannot make any edits on this tab. Instead, you review the choices you made on each tab of the Bill Pay Form Setup screen to confirm your bill pay form is correct.

If your school uses a mixed payer centric and student centric system, use the Show for field to switch between the two billing set ups. For each, you can confirm how the payment information displays.

Tip: On this tab, you should see your NetClassroom design as part of the process preview. If you do not, go back to the Get started tab and enter your NetClassroom link.

Then, switch between the Payment Amount, Payment Details, and Confirmation pages to review the form. If needed, to make changes to your selections, go back to the tabs that you need to update.

When you are ready to use your form, click Done or if you are editing a previously set up form, click Save and Close.

Show Me: Bill Pay Form Setup - Process Preview Tab video