Connect Education Edge

Connect Education Edge provides an integration between the 'ON' products and The Education Edge. This enables a school’s registrar’s office to have consistent data across both systems without needing to duplicate data entry efforts. This integration provides a one direction data sync for schools that want to use Education Edge as their SIS and primary system of record, while also capitalizing on onCampus for the school’s LMS and community needs.

Connect Education Edge is like four integrations in one:

  • User Data

    • Automatically brings parent, student and teacher records added or updated in Education Edge over to Core.

    • User Matching screens allow admins to match/unmatch records as needed.

  • Departments, Courses, Sections & Roster Add/Drop

    • Academic data added in Education Edge will be added in Core/onCampus.

    • Eliminates the need to perform multiple Academic Roster Enrollment imports during the Add/Drop period each term.

  • Attendance

    • Section attendance Teachers record using onCampus Attendance syncs to Education Edge for reporting.

    • Note: Attendance Manager updates and pre-excused absences made in Education Edge will NOT be sent back to onCampus.

  • Marking Period Grades

    • Cumulative Marking Period grades from onCampus Grade Books are sent over to FAWeb so that Teachers can finalize report card narratives, calculate additional marking period columns, and submit for approval.

    • Note: onCampus Marking Period Grades do NOT support comments.

Schools that use Connect Education Edge integration must still use Faculty Access for the Web and NetClassroom for these functions:

  • Viewing Schedules

  • Report Card Finalization and Online Access

  • Conduct

  • Course Requests

  • Viewing Transcripts

  • Access Student Billing