Match Records for Connect Raiser's Edge

After you set up Connect Raiser's Edge, the plug-in attempts to match records in your Raiser’s Edge database with ones from your 'ON' products database. You must then review the information and link records together. The integration syncs data for any linked records.

You'll probably "link as you go." In other words, you'll match records in small batches over time rather than linking all records in bulk. As more Raiser’s Edge records are matched with 'ON' product records over time, the integration syncs more data. This enables you to benefit from the data sync, even before all records are matched.

  • You begin to link records after you initially set up the integration.

  • To save your progress and begin syncing data for the matched records, select I'm done with matching for now and then select Updated linked records. A summary appears to indicate how many records are matched and how many remain.

  • To continue matching records, log in to the Raiser’s Edge, select Plug-Ins, and choose Connect Raiser's Edge. From the matching summary, select Match now.

Note: Consultants will provide guidance and assist with matching a small number of records during the implementation. The Consultant is not responsible for linking all customer records.

The plug-in attempts to match records in your Raiser’s Edge database with ones from your “ON” products database.

Connect Raiser's Edge Match Records Screen

The possible matches appear for you to review and confirm. For each student, family member, employee, or organization, review the information and determine whether the records match.

  • Single Matches - One record in the 'ON' products and one in the Raiser's Edge have a similar names, birthdates, contact information, educational history, and employment.

    • If the match is correct select Yes, they are.

    • Otherwise, select Nope, these are different people. Select Find a match and search the Raiser’s Edge for an existing record. If there isn’t a corresponding record, a record will be created when you add new people to the Raiser’s Edge.

  • Multiple Matches - More than one record in the Raiser’s Edge has similar information to a record in the 'ON' products . Select which record from the Raiser’s Edge corresponds to the 'ON' product record.

When a record from the 'ON' products doesn’t match to an existing record in the Raiser’s Edge, the person appears under New people to add to Raiser’s Edge. For each student or family member, review the information and determine whether to create a new record in the Raiser’s Edge.

  • If you think a record already exists, select Find a match, search the Raiser’s Edge, and then match the records.

  • Otherwise, select Yes, this is a new person to create a record in the Raiser’s Edge,