Using the affinity content type, page managers can create listings of associated constituents (such as constituents who work in the same department) and show their contact and biographical information. Affinity groups are often used on “Meet the Staff” or “Meet the Office” pages. For example, the members of the admissions office could be listed with their contact and biographical information on a “Meet the Admissions Office” page.

Page managers can determine which contact and biographical information displays in an affinity group. The display options include, but are not limited to, first name, last name, photo, grad year, email, phone number, business name, job title, education, and year appointed. The contact and biographical information that can display in an affinity group is pulled directly from the constituents’profiles.

Page managers can also enter a biography for each constituent in an affinity group. This bio is entered in the affinity group itself and is unique to the group.

Page managers can edit the appropriate block style to determine which information appears in an affinity group and to establish the appearance for each element.