Manage Bounces

When an email address causes a hard bounce from a pushpage or notification for the first time, it is marked as "bad" and placed on a blacklist. Email addresses can be viewed and corrected from the Bounces task under Core > Communication > Bounces. In this task, managers can:

  • Select the number of bounces for each email address to review the bounce reasons and details.

  • Update a constituent’s email address using inline editing. 

  • Enable/disable the Bad indicator for an email address by checking/unchecking the Bad checkbox.

  • Find constituents/email addresses using the filter, sort, and search options.

Bounce Parameters for soft bounces can be configured through the parameter options from Core > Communication > Bounces > Parameters. While any number can be set, Blackbaud recommends going no higher than 8 attempts.

Note: Due to Blackbaud Communication Service settings, hard bounces are automatically set to 1. This value cannot be modified.

Recipients are removed from the email blacklist in any of the following four ways: