Communication Templates

In the Communications Templates task, platform managers create template(s) of letters that are used to create mail merges to constituents. Placeholders pull the individual's information into the letter to personalize it.

Note: This section will not address mail merges for onBoard.

To create a communication template:

  1. From the drop-down menu in the upper, right-hand corner, select Core.

  2. Select Communication.

  3. Select Communications Templates.

  4. Select Add Letter.

  5. In the Add Letter screen, fill in the following fields:

    • Description: this is the template name.

    • Master Template: select if this is a Master Template. A Master Template is available for other platform managers or mail merge managers to use in a mail merge job.

    • Inactive: select if this template should no longer be used.

    • School Logo: select to show the School Logo in the template.

    • School Watermark: select to show the School Watermark in the template.

    • Constituent Information Placeholders: the dropdown menu contains all of the placeholders that can be included in the letter. Selecting a placeholder will automatically insert it into the HTML editor.

      Make sure to include the brackets for the placeholders.

  6. Select Save & Exit

To edit an existing template, select Edit next to the template name.

Note: You can copy an existing letter or click view to preview the template in a PDF.