Create Mail Merge Job

To generate and print a mail merge letter, you must create a mail merge job. You must create the communication template before you create a job.

Note: This section will not address mail merges for onBoard.

To create a mail merge job:

  1. From the drop-down menu in the upper, right-hand corner, select Core.

  2. Select Communication.

  3. Select Mail Merge.

  4. Select Add.

  5. In Step 1 - Select the Template:

    1. Enter a Description (or name) for the job.

    2. Select an existing Mail Merge Template from the dropdown list (you will only see templates you have access to).

    3. Select Next

  6. In Step 2 - Define Recipients (by List), determine who will receive the mail merge.
    Recipients can be added from an existing list and/or from individual users selected on the next step.

    The Mail Merge feature must be enabled in each basic and/or advanced list you wish to use in order for the list to display in Step 2 of the Mail Merge job. See Use Lists for Mail Merge.

    1. Select one of the created lists, create a new one or continue to select individual users in the next step.

    2. Select Next.

  7. In Step 3 - Define Recipients (by Search Criteria), determine individual users to receive the mail merge.

    1. Select the individual users or continue to the next step if the recipient list is complete.

    2. Select Next.

  8. In Step 4 - Confirm Details:

    1. Verify users selected to receive the mail merge.
      The listing displays recipient name(s) and their role(s).
      The Description is the name of the Mail Merge job entered in Step 1.
      The Mail Merge Template is the name of Mail Merge Template selected in Step 1.

    2. Select Save & Exit. This creates the Mail Merge.

  9. The Mail Merge Jobs screen shows the newly created Mail Merge.

    1. Select Delete to remove the entire job.

    2. Select the PDF or Word icon to download the letter.

    3. Select Recipients to view the list of recipients.

    4. Select Mailing Labels to generate the report for creating mailing labels.