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With the Downloads content type, users can easily post downloadable files to the website. The complete list of supported file types can be found in theUpload Misc Files task.

Downloads can be grouped into sub-categories to help organize them on a page (for example, the admissions downloads could be grouped into financial aid downloads and application downloads). Page Managers can also edit the appropriate block styles to establish the download appearance.

The downloads content type supports duplicate file names. When a user adds a file to the downloads content type, the file will have a file name that is assigned by the user (e.g. School_Handbook.pdf) as well as a URL that is assigned by WhippleHill (e.g. http://www.school.org/ftpimages/123/download/download_12345.pdf). While a user can upload files with duplicate file names, each file will receive a unique URL.

Some users may see the WhippleHill-assigned URL in their browser when they view a file; however, if a user downloads a file from the website, the file is saved with the name (even if a user links to a file using the WhippleHill-assigned URL, the file will still save with that file name).

If a user edits an existing file in a download category and uploads a revised version of the file, the file’s original WhippleHill-assigned URL will be preserved.

It is recommended that the school names and organizes the files in a way that makes sense to all managers and constituents using the system.

This last procedure should be broken into separate procedures.