Impersonate User

Platform managers have the ability to impersonate any user in the database. This allows them to see what other users will see upon logging in. While impersonating a user, the platform manager experiences everything as the user would, but cannot see SSN/NI or credit card information.

Platform managers can impersonate other platform managers. However, users with a cloned platform manager role cannot impersonate a user with the platform manager role.

  1. Select your name in the top menu and select Impersonate user.

  2. Search for the user using the options in the Search in drop-down list. Use the Role or Grad year filter options to narrow your search.

  3. Select the user you want to impersonate in the search results.

    Note: Past impersonations are shown to the right of the search results for easy access.

  4. When you are done, select your name and select Stop impersonating.