Lists & Filterable Views

The various 'ON' products include multiple types of lists or "filterable views."

  • Newer lists are SKY lists. Rarely, in the 'ON' products you may also hear these called "filterable views". These enable you to manage groups of records that share characteristics, such as to analyze students, contracts, conduct infractions, and more. As you work with a list, you can choose and fine-tune criteria to view only specific records and information. In each 'ON' product, you'll find these under Lists or embedded in other user workflows. Some users may only be able to access specific lists for their security roles.

    Tip: Learn more about SKY for Blackbaud's 'ON', NXT, and other products.

  • Older, legacy lists come in two types (basic and advanced) which enable you to directly query your database. To access these, from any 'ON' product select Lists , select Manage Lists , and then choose Manage basic and advanced lists .

    Tip: As the SKY Lists and Reporting are expanded for the K-12 products, you'll probably gradually use the older lists less often.

Most SKY lists will function in similar ways: