Sign In

All constituents must have a user name and password in order to log in to the online community. Data Managers can assign user names through a Data Refresh, or Platform Managers can manually assign them. For security reasons, the Data Refresh process does not support importing temporary passwords. Instead, Platform Managers must manually assign temporary passwords for individuals, upload temporary passwords in bulk, or constituents can use the automated sign in help process to request their password.

Platform Managers can also enable sign in messages, which are messages that display to users upon login. These actions include:

  • A bad e-mail message asking users to correct a bad e-mail address.

  • A missing e-mail message asking users to enter a missing e-mail address.

  • A profile data message asking users to verify their profile information.

  • A custom message that allows Platform Managers to enter their own text.

A Platform Manager can enable these messages for all users or for specific roles.

Tip: We recommend all users who use Safari as an internet browser make the following change to prevent an error that affects how the TAB key functions when users attempt to login. From your Safari browser menu, select Preferences and choose Advanced. Then enable the Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage option.