Contracts in Profiles

After a contract has been generated for a candidate/student, his/her tuition, fee, and deposit information will appear within Contracts in his/her onBoard profile. This information can be edited by a (re)enrollment manager up until the family views the contract. If any contract information, including financial aid information, needs to be changed after the family views the contract, (re)enrollment managers must remove and re-generate the contract. After the family submits their contract, all of the information collected on the contract will appear in the Contracts menu.

(Re)enrollment managers can print an unsigned copy of a candidate’s/student’s contract from Contracts in his/her onBoard profile. After a contract has been generated, you can print it from More Information. After the family has submitted the contract, (re)enrollment managers can also print a signed copy of the contract.

(Re)enrollment managers can put a hold on a candidate’s/student’s contract by selecting Hold from Contracts in his/her onBoard profile. This will prevent the contract from being published to the family. Managers can also select Academic, Financial, or Other from Hold Type and/or enter a custom explanation for the hold in Hold Comment.

(Re)enrollment managers can enter a personalized message for a family in the Special Contract Text in the Contracts menu in the candidate's/student's onBoard profile. This message will only appear on the contract if the Special Consideration Text block has been added to the contract.