Enrollment Contracts

Admissions managers can create customizable contract forms which enable new and returning families to review and submit their (re)enrollment contracts online. Each contract can show policy text, tuition and fee information, payment plans, and a required deposit.

Determine the Responsible Signer

When an enrollment manager creates contract forms and associates them with users, only the Responsible Signer is required to do sign the contract.

You’ll indicate which users are responsible for signing contracts when you Manage Relationships for the student. Additionally, platform managers can determine whether new relationships are Responsible Signers by default under Core > Relationship Types.

Note: Prior to the 11.10 release, users with List as Parent and Parental Access enabled had access to Contracts. This was problematic because those users (such as grandparents or host families) needed access to academic information, but were not intended to review or sign contracts. The Responsible Signers update gives schools more granular control over contract signatures. With the 11.10 release, any users who had both List as Parent and Parental Access enabled became Responsible Signers by default. We recommend you review your user records to clear the Responsible Signer relationship for any users that should not have access to Contracts.