Communications & Mail Merges in onBoard

Throughout the admissions process, admissions managers and staff typically send personalized letters to prospective families. You can generate letters and mailing labels for individual candidates or for groups of candidates.

Rather than write each letter from scratch, you'll typically create Communication Templates for communications you send on a regular basis. You'll probably want to include your school's logo or seal on the letter template. To update your school's logo or seal, refer to School Logo & Seals.

Next, you'll create lists of people you want to send printed mail. If a candidate or a family member's address is bad, update the Address Information.

Then, when you're ready to generate letters, use a Mail Merge to fill the letters with personalized information for each candidate and family.

Tip: From a candidate's page, under + Add Mail Merge, you can view a history of the candidate's mail merges. To print a previous mail merge, select the mail merge and choose a download.