onBoard Monitoring Teams

Admissions managers can create monitoring teams so that users without the admissions manager and staff role can view official notes. Monitoring teams have access to official note types, which allows them to view all official notes of a certain type. For example, coaches can be members of a monitoring team so that they can monitor an athletics note type.

To create monitoring teams:

  1. From the persona menu, select onBoard.

  2. Select Official Notesunder Settings.

  3. Select Add Team.

  4. Enter additional information.

    1. Sort Order: Enter a numerical value to determine the order in which the monitoring teams will be listed.

    2. Team Name: Enter a descriptive name for the monitoring team (e.g. Athletics Team).

    3. Email Access: Select "Yes" if the team should receive an email notification when a new official note is written.

    4. Members: Search for the appropriate users and select their name to add them to the team.

    5. Note Type Access: Select the notes types to which the team should have access.

  5. Select Save & Close.