onBoard Official Note Notifications

For each official note type, admissions managers can set up email notifications that can alert candidates, parents of candidates and/or staff when an official note is written.

Note: Once an official note has been composed and published, it can't be deleted or removed.

Customize official note notifications

  1. From the persona menu, select onBoard.

  2. Select Official Notes under Settings.

  3. Select Email Notificationsnext to each note type.

  4. Select Edit next to the notification.

  5. Enter a Name for the notification.

  6. If the notification should never be sent, deselect the Active option.

  7. Enter an email address for constituents to reply to. Otherwise, use the Author Email placeholder to enable constituents to reply to the author.

  8. Enter the schools name as the sender. Otherwise, use the Author First Name and Author Last Name placeholders for the From Name.

  9. Use placeholders to help personalize the notification.

  10. Enter a Subject for the notification. Consider using the Subject Line placeholder.

  11. Enter the Body of the email message. Use placeholders (such as the Author Comment placeholder) to help personalize the notification.

  12. Select Save & Exit.