onBoard Official Note Types

Admissions managers can create official note types to categorize and organize official notes. Since official notes can be used to communicate with prospective families and to communicate internally with other staff members, Admissions managers might create note types such as “Follow Up” or “Thank You” to organize communication with prospective families, and note types such as “Phone Call” or “Notes” to organize internal communication.

Official note templates can be associated with official note types. When composing an official note, admissions managers and staff can select a note type (e.g. Follow Up) and then select an associated template (e.g. Follow Up - Campus Visit).

For each note type, managers can determine if candidates, parents of candidates and/or staff can view the notes. Managers can also determine if users should receive an email alerting them when a new note is written.

Candidates and their families will see the official note types in their Inbox and on their Official Notes page.