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Process Inquiries

When the inquiry form is submitted, admissions managers and staff can use the Process Inquiries task to view all inquiry data, review potential duplicate users and create candidates in the database.

The inquiry form data can be edited in the Process Inquiries task if the inquiry has not been processed. After the inquiry is processed, the data can only be edited through the candidate's profile.

To process inquiries:

  1. From the persona menu, select onBoard.

  2. Select Process Inquiries  under Process.

  3. Select the appropriate inquiry form and select View.

  4. Select the "inquiry" link to view and edit each candidate's inquiry form data.
    To download or print the inquiry form data, select Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF.

  5. On the main "Process Inquiries" screen, select the candidate you want to process.

  6. Assign the appropriate checklist to the candidate.

  7. Assign the appropriate Admissions Staff member (optional) to the candidate.

  8. Review potential duplicate candidates. Select New User to create a new candidate in the database, or select the existing candidate's name to merge the records in the database.

  9. Enter a username for the candidate (optional).

  10. Select Next.

  11. Review potential duplicate parents.Select New User to create a new parent record in the database; select the existing parent's name to merge the records in the database; or select Skip to prevent the parent record from being created in the database.

  12. Enter a username for each parent (optional).

  13. Select Next . The candidate profile will be created automatically.