Submit Contracts

After (re)enrollment managers have generated and published the contracts, family members who have the “list as parent” and “parental access” and Responsible Signer options enabled can review and submit their contract.

Parents can access their contract from the banner that appears across the top of the screen or from Account > Files. Only the Responsible Signer is required to sign the contract before it can be submitted.

As a family reviews and submits the contract, they will see different statuses on Account > Files:

  • Review appears if the contract has not been viewed by anyone.

  • Continue appears if at least one parent has begun to review the contract.

  • Completed appears after the contract has been submitted (in order to submit the contract, all of the appropriate users must sign the contract and pay any necessary deposit).

After a family has submitted the contract, parents can view and print a signed copy of the contract from Account > Files.