Academic Master Rollover

From year to year, Academic Group Managers can roll over course sections, section identifiers, course page settings, teachers, rooms, blocks and/or schedules (if the Schedule application is used).Do notuse the rollover if Data Managers will beimportingthe information.

Before managers can perform the master rollover, the academic terms for the upcoming school year must be entered.

Complete the master rollover:

  1. From the persona menu, select Core.

  2. Select Master Rollover under School.

  3. Select the year from which you are copying the data, and then select the year to which you are adding the data.

  4. Click View.

  5. Under Academic Groups, click Run next to the appropriate school level.

  6. Check the checkboxes next to the sections you wish to roll over, or click Check All.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Check the checkboxes next to each element you wish to roll over:

    • Identifiers: rolls over the section identifiers.

    • Teachers: rolls over the section teachers.

    • Blocks: rolls over the blocks with which the sections are associated.

    • Schedules: rolls over the schedules with which the sections are associated.

    • Rooms: rolls over the rooms with which the sections are associated.

    • Course Page Settings: rolls over and uses the date you're rolling over as the Access Date for Group Page Access. A different date can be selected from Group Page Access if needed.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Click Save & Exit to complete the rollover.

Note: You must repeat these steps for each school level you wish to roll over.

If courses have Specify Credit Per Term selected, the academic group manager will need to go to onCampus > Procedure > Academic > Offer Course, and have to set which term(s) credit is awarded and how much per term for each course.

This process must be completed each year after a course has been rolled over and when schools begin to offer them.