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Assignments are a critical function for schools, allowing teachers to measure student comprehension through various types of work like essays or worksheets, while assignments also help students to see how much they've learned. The Assignment Center is the central location where Faculty, Parents, and Students will go to utilize this functionality.

Faculty members can add new or existing assignments for their students from the Assignment Center.

Access the Assignment Center:

  1. From the persona menu, select Faculty

  2. Select My Day and then Assignment Center

  3. From this page, faculty members can now select the + Assignment option.

  4. A new modal window will appear allowing you to enter in information like the assignment Title, a description, adding attachments, and much more.

When teachers add or edit assessments, they can enable a Save for Later option. This is especially useful for "open book" assessments. If a student saves an assessment for later, it is marked as Resume.

Parents can access child assignments by selecting the various student classes from the Parent persona dropdown and then clicking on the Child's name. After selecting the Assignments tab, parents can then filer the list of assignments that have been assigned, are currently active, or due.

Students can view assignments from the Assignment Center or by selecting the Assignments tab after selecting a class from the Classes menu. Students also have access to an aggregate view of all of their missing content by selecting Missing Assignments.

Note: In order for an assignment to be removed from this list, a faculty member such as a teacher needs to remove the missing flag.

Note: Advisors need Group Page Access to Assignments in order to view the Missing Assignment Link on the Class Roster.