Athletic Master Rollover

From year to year, athletic group managers can roll over teams, coaches, rosters, game schedules, practice schedules and/or team page settings. Before managers can perform the master rollover however, the athletic seasons for the upcoming school year must be entered.

Note: If you prefer to import practice schedules, game schedules and/or rosters, do not roll over this information.

Complete the master rollover:

  1. From the persona menu, select Core.

  2. Select School and then Master Rollover.

  3. First, select the yearfrom which the data is copied from, and then select the yearto which the data will be added.

  4. When you are ready, select View.

  5. Under Athletic Groups, select Run next to the appropriate school level.

  6. Select the individual teams you wish to roll over, or if you want all of them, select Check All.

    Note: Once a team has been rolled over, it cannot be rolled over again (this includes all information associated with the team).

  7. When you selections have been made, hit Nextto select more potential items to roll over:

    • Coaches: rolls over the team coaches.

    • Team Members: rolls over the team rosters.

    • Game Schedules: rolls over the team schedules. Game dates remain the same but the year will advance (e.g. 3/1/2013 becomes 3/1/2014). Game schedules are unpublished by default.

      • Switch Home/Away: turns home games into away games and away games into home games.

      • Transportation: rolls over the vehicles that are associated with game schedules.

    • Practice Schedules: rolls over the team practice schedules so while practice dates remain the same, the year will advance by one (e.g. 3/1/2015 becomes 3/1/2016). Practice schedules are unpublished by default.

    • Athletic Page Settings: rolls over and uses the date you're rolling over as the Access Date for Group Page Access. A different date can be selected from Group Page Access if needed.

  8. Select Nextto start the rollover process for coaches..

  9. Once finished, the next page will allow you to roll over rosters if you wish.

  10. Select Nextand then Save & Exit to complete the rollover.

Note: You must repeat these steps for each school level you wish to roll over.