Create Community Groups

Community Group Managers must add the communities (e.g. Drama Club, Upper School Parents) before they can create the group pages/sections.

Users must have group page access to access sections.

Add a new community:

  1. From the persona menu, select onCampus.

  2. Select Community under Procedure.

  3. Select Add/Edit Community Groups.

  4. Select Add.

  5. Enter the following information:

    • Title - Enter the name of the community (e.g. Drama Club).

    • Length - If the community should be tied to a specific school year and term, enter the term length in this field (e.g. enter 1 if the community will be one semester). If the community is continuous (not tied to a specific school year and term), leave this field blank. Most communities are continuous.

    • School Level -Choose the school level to which the community should be associated.

    • Course Code

    • Publish to Front End

    • Inactive - Select this option to inactivate the community.

    • Membership (select one of the following membership options):

      • Listed Anyone - Constituents can join the community without needing approval.

      • Listed with Permission - Constituents can request to join the community but their membership must be approved.

      • Unlisted Invite Only - You can invite selected constituents to join the community (constituents must rsvp).

      • Smart Group - You can query the database to add large numbers of constituents (e.g. all upper school parents) to the community.

    • Category - Select the category to which the community should be associated.

    • Thumbnail Photo - Select an image for the community.

    • Description - Enter a description for the community that will display to constituents.

  6. Select Save & Exit.