Bulletin Board Layout

With Bulletin Board Layout, group managers have the ability to set the default layout and content placement templates for bulletin boards to help minimize setup time for group page owners.

From onCampus > Settings > Bulletin Board List, group managers are able to edit the default layout per group type and choose whether or not the default is users per school level. If the default is not selected, further customization can be implemented by school level.

To rearrange the default layouts, simply select Edit Default next to the group type you'd like to change. From there, users can drag and drop content and arrange them in a way that works for them.

Note: Group managers only have the option to drag and drop items from Not In Use.

Once the customizations have been set, simply select Back to Bulletin Board Layouts and the changes made will be automatically saved.

Note: Bulletin Board content types, downloads, Rubrics, Expectations and Syllabuses, allow users to attach physical local files or converted files from Google Drive (if configured by the school to allow it).

Restricting Bulletin Board Blocks

Certain roles, such as platform managers, are able to restrict what blocks and elements are available for users to add. Select and drag blocks and elements into Not Available To Use to hide these options from teachers when they customize their own layout.