Group Content Editors

Group content editors can edit specific content on section pages. For example, managers can create Content Editors if there are users who should only have access to edit photos for the Varsity Football team or announcements for the AP Chemistry class.

Content editors must go to the section page to edit the content.

Create Group Content Editors:

  1. From the persona menu, select onCampus.

  2. Select the appropriate module under People

    Note: To create content editors for academic section pages, select Academics.

  3. Select Content Editor Access then select Add Content Access Group.

  4. Enter the Group Name (e.g. Varsity Football Photo Editors).

  5. Search for the appropriate constituents and move them to the Selected Users box.

  6. From Category, select the type (e.g. Science, Football) to which you want to grant access.

  7. In Group, select the section/team (e.g. AP Chemistry, Varsity Football) to which you want to grant access.

  8. Select Add Access.

  9. Enable content types (e.g. photos, announcements) to which you want to grant access.

  10. Select Save & Exit.