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Add Store to Pages

Page managers can add a Store Catalog to pages with the widget. It displays the available products and product details, and allows users to view their shopping cart and check out.

When page managers add the Store Catalog widget to a page, they must also set the page security to Force page to use SSL.

Add the Store Catalog widget to pages:

  1. As a page manager, edit the page where you want the store to appear.

  2. Drag and drop the Store Catalog widget into the appropriate location on the page.

  3. Edit the Store Catalog settings to:

    1. Enter header text.

    2. Select the product categories that should be available on the page.

    3. Enter the number of products to show per page. Use Previous and Next to navigate through multiple pages of products.

  4. Edit the page style and apply the appropriate block style to the Store Catalog widget.

  5. Preview the page and then Apply the changes.