Customize E-mail & Text Notifications

The e-mail and text notifications that are sent to subscribers can be customized for your school however, the messages should be generic because they will be used for all notifications. For example, the same e-mail is used to send all announcement notifications, regardless of what the announcement is. Placeholders are used in the e-mail to display the announcement-specific content.

Customize e-mail and text notifications:

  1. From the persona menu, select onMessage.

  2. Select Communications > Notification.

  3. Then select Notifications.

  4. For category, select either Academics, Announcements, Athletic Schedule, Inbox, or News.

  5. For Type, choose My Notifications.

  6. Select View.

  7. Select Edit next to the notification you want to update.

  8. Use the following options to update the notification:

    • Notification Properties:

      • Name: Use this field to change the name of the notification, e.g. Announcement Posted.

      • Active: Use this option to activate/deactivate the notification. Inactive notifications will not appear on the My Notifications Master Page and users will not be able to subscribe to them.

    • E-mail Notification

      • Reply E-mail: This is the e-mail address that users can respond to. 

      • From Name: Enter a name that will appear in the "from" field. Most schools enter their school name.

      • Subject: Enter a subject for the notification. The subject will be used for all notifications so it should be generic. Placeholders can also be part of the subject.

      • Body: This is where the main message of the e-mail should go. Use the placeholders to automatically insert notification-specific content into the e-mail.

    • Text Notification:

      • Body: Create a message that is less than 160 characters. Use the placeholders to automatically insert notification-specific content into the text message.

    • Select Roles with Access - Academic Groups Only: Use this task to select which roles will have access to subscribe to assignment notifications from the My Notifications master page.

Note: Each notification has its own unique set of placeholders. Edit the notification to view the available placeholders.