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Email Service

Blackbaud's email service uses Blackbaud Communication Services (BBCS). BBCS Email Delivery sends all email generated by the K-12 "ON” products through Blackbaud’s email infrastructure. Some of the features include:

Email sent through BBCS uses domains that have been setup for email delivered through BBCS. You can navigate to Core > Settings > Demographics to review what your mailbox [yourschoolname] is.

  • Pushpages come from yourschoolname@myschoolemails.com.

  • All other email, such as Notifications, Forgot Password, come from yourschoolname@myschoolapp.com.

Bounces properly reflect all bounced emails sent through BBCS. The “bad email” flag within the “ON” products is the only mechanism used to prevent emails that have bounced repeatedly from getting sent future emails. To manage emails that are soft bounced, go to Core > Communication > Bounces. Click here for more information on managing bounced emails.

When an email address causes a hard bounce for the first time, it is marked as a "bad" address and placed on the blacklist. This hard bounce parameter cannot be modified. Once a bad email address has been updated or if the user removes the green check in the "bad" column from the Bounces page, the email address is taken off the blacklist. Alternatively, users can also update their email address from the Contact Card to reset the "bad" status association.

  • BBCS maintains a “suppression list.” It is used only for people reporting email as "Spam" through the feedback loop program. You can remove email addresses accidentally added to the suppression by having the user send an email to unblockme@blackbaud.com from the suppressed email address.

  • If parents have trouble receiving messages, they may need to add these to their email software as "safe senders" or to a whitelist. These domains should be whitelisted at your school so staff and parents can receive emails correctly:

    • myschoolnotifications.com

    • myschoolemails.com

    • myschoolapp.com

  • BBCS also uses a set of dedicated IP’s that originate from Blackbaud NetCommunity (BBNC) or Online Express (OLX) for sending email "From." The following IP ranges can be whitelisted to help ensure delivery to email servers within the schools control:

    • ( -

    • ( -

    • ( -

    • ( -

If your organization uses email forwarding, email originates from the following IP addresses for that service: forward1.blackbaudservices2.com and forward2.blackbaudservices2.com

For any questions or issues regarding BBCS, users should contact Blackbaud's product support team by visiting http://k12.blackbaud.com/support/.

Click here for more information about BBCS.

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