Mobile Menu

Page Managers can enable a mobile-friendly version of the navigation menu for users who visit the public website on phones and/or on tablets in portrait mode. The mobile menu allows users to easily navigate the multiple levels in the menus by touching the hamburger icon that appears in the upper left-hand corner.

Page Managers can select which devices (phones and/or tablets) should display the mobile menu on the public website. Page Managers can also determine which menus (e.g. Main Navigation, Footer Navigation) should appear in the mobile menu and in what order the menus should appear. Additionally, Page Managers can customize the style for the mobile menu (this includes enabling and customizing a login button so constituents can easily access the community).

While Page Managers must enable the mobile menu for the public website, a similar mobile menu will automatically appear when constituents log in and access the community on a phone or on a tablet in portrait mode.